Cheap Home Insulation Options

Cheap Home InsulationInsulation is a great way to cut on the utility bill and keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The insulation project may cost more or less, depending on the type of insulation being used. Although families with a high budget may have plenty of options, there are still many cheap home insulation options for families low on budget. 

Cost-Effective Home Insulation Options

Use weatherproofing for air leaks: Insulate your house by sealing any air leakage in the doors and windows. You can seal the leaks with weatherproofing strips and caulking.

Thick Curtains for windows: Use the thick curtain to prevent heat and cold outside from entering the house. You can keep the curtain open in the day time to fill the room with light and sun heat in winter.

Door Snake: Craft a door snake using old stuff like socks, cotton, and clothes. The door snake sits at the bottom of the door blocking the cold air from entering.

Plug the Chimney: An open chimney will allow hot air to escape the room, make the room colder than ever. Plug the chimney hole with a chimney balloon for effective sealing.

Seal Attic Air Leaks: The attic is the most wasted area of the house and often have the air leaks that go unnoticed. You can seal the attic air leaks with reflective foil material that are pocket-friendly.

Set the thermostat right: Make sure you have set the right temperature of the thermostat. The temperature of the thermostat also needs to be modified as per the weather. For instance, if you have set the temperature to keep the house warm. The thermostat will continue to keep it warm even when it is relatively hot, putting a lot of load on the AC.

Just remember that even when you’re on a tight budget, you should at least make sure that the insulation you’re choosing for your home is the right one. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of money if you’re installing insulation that won’t be effective anyway. When you’re unsure, reach out to your local insulation contractor for assistance. These experts, more often than not, would provide you with free consultations and quotations.