Closed Cell Spray Foam

There are many insulation methods are available these days.  The most commonly used home insulation method is fiberglass as it is cost effective and durable.  The other insulation methods are closed cell spray foam, cellulose, and spray foam. Spray foam insulation is also a good choice for many other applications. Spray foam insulation comes in two different varieties – open cell foam and closed cell foam.

Closed cell insulation uses chemical blowing agents in liquid form. The gasses from these chemicals expand slower and plastic sets start to burst. Closed-cell spray foams can be used for vented or non-vented attics, floors, interior or exterior walls, cold storage, and tanks.

Spray foam insulation can be utilized effectively in business buildings design to permit the building to gain energy efficiency and continuous performance. Closed cell spray forms can be used at very low temperatures. It not only impact resistance from outside weather conditions but also helps in building up wall racking strength.

Closed cell spray foam insulation is also good for areas where floods and thunderstorms are very common.  It resists the building from being damaged to flood water. Spray foam insulations are best products for homes. Homes insulated by it are the most comfortable and efficient. Closed cell spray foam do not fill the holes, therefore, you need to spot check the places to ensure nothing is left out.

The building structure should completely get surrounded by the conditioned space, so that insulation is in contact with air barrier. As spray foam is insulated and barrier, correct alignment is guaranteed.

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