Importance of Attic Insulation

It is very important to get your attic insulation done to keep your home temperature at a comfortable level in all seasons.  A good attic insulation will help you in reducing energy bills.  It makes your home safe and highly energy efficient by preventing air leakage from home. There are a number of different varieties of material which be used by applying different methods to insulate your home attic.

In most of the homes, the attic is the main cause of losing heat during cold season and can make home hotter during sunny summers. It might cost you lots of money spending on utility bills if a proper insulation is not done for your attic. This attic insulation can help you in regulating home temperature.

Attic insulation can be done by using materials like:

Cellulose: It is the most recommended material for your attic insulation. It is made by using recycled material and is fire resistant.  It helps in fighting with bug infestation also.

Plastic: It regulates your home temperature and also gives additional safety to your home. It keeps the moisture away from your attic and makes it more durable.

Natural: This is the most eco-friendly alternative for attic insulation which is made of wool, cotton, and natural fibers.

Blown-in Insulation: It is a method in which insulation material is blown in the attic. Cellulose is the most preferred material for blown-in insulation.

Radiant Barrier: This is best suited for areas where the weather is mostly sunny throughout the year. It keeps the sun heat away by reflecting it back to outside.

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