Solar Inspection

Solar InspectionYou should get the physical site inspection done before installing solar panels on your rooftop. You should check if the technician who is going to do the installation is qualified enough to do the solar installation.  You should check if your roof may require any repair before the installation.  The houses which are old should get their roof examined and repaired before solar installation because after the installation it will be difficult to repair the roof. These solar inspections are a must!

You should check if there is any shading coming on your roof which may hinder the sunlight on your solar panel installation.  Any shading will decrease the efficiency of your solar panel. A solar technician will also require checking the feasibility of connecting wire from solar panel to inverter with minimal modification to the home structure.

The inverter will be required to be placed near to the solar meter and should be well shaded to avoid any harm. A technician will also check if your existing switchboard can work with solar electricity or it requires an upgrade. These inspections are critical making sure that your system is working in the best way possible, and if you fail to do these annual inspections it is likely your system will be damaged over time and not work properly.

You can use micro-inverters to connect with your solar panel installation.  They are helpful devices to convert DC power to AC power for home use. AC Solar is safer than the DC solar. Having said all that, you may need a little framework, have an as of late manufactured home with a gigantic north-bound rooftop, an advanced switchboard, and no trees or other shading issues at all. All things considered, you could sensibly contend that purchasing sun based without an investigation is an entirely generally safe.

So if you perform solar inspections on a consistent basis you will not have to worry about how long your system will last, and whether or not it is working effectively.

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